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Bridal wraps, shrugs, faux fur and cover ups

Bridal wraps, shrugs, faux fur and cover ups

Many brides will need to cover their arms when in the church, synagogue or other ceremony venue, or maybe you worry about the evening chill?

Well we are able to supply a range of shrugs, wraps, boleroes and capes in a variety of colours, materials and sizes.

Finally, just look at the adorable flowergirl cover-ups!

Bridal wraps, shrugs, faux fur and cover ups

For the bridesmaids we can supply wraps in matching bridesmaid's material and colours from the Forever Yours range, and cravat sets can complete the coordination.

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    Linzi Jay Clothing #ej96
    Code: ej96£100.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #11010
    Code: 11010£50.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #11011
    Code: 11011£210.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #11014
    Code: 11014£265.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #11015
    Code: 11015£180.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #18680
    Code: 18680£400.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #11023
    Code: 11023£40.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #841
    Code: 841£70.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #842
    Code: 842£70.00

    Mori Lee Clothing #843
    Code: 843£70.00

    Emmerling Clothing #91262
    Code: 91262£70.00
    White or Ivory

    MSC Clothing #6004
    Code: 6004£50.00
    Faux Fur

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